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Small Boot and Bushing Questions

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In the picture at the above link the small shifter boot and bushing were just purchased from local Toyota dealer for $11 and $17. Simple stuff right? Well... not so fast.

I have questions...

1. The hole in the new shifter boot is way to small to slide down to the correct position at the bottom of the shifter shaft. The shaft seems to be two pieces glued together with some type of rubber material for vibration dampening possibly. Anyone ever disassemble these pieces? If so how did it go? Will the boot maybe slide over the large portion of the shifter if it's warmed in hot water and soapy, or similar? Or will I tear it up trying to force it?

2. Also, there is a small loose plastic ring in the cavity where the new bushing installs. Should it stay there or should it be removed? I'm thinking it's whats left of the original bushing, and should be discarded, but I'm hoping someone who knows for sure will advise.

Any comment much appreciated!
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1. Yes the shifter can come apart if needed. I had to take mine apart when I did my body lift. We simply used two pipe wrenches and twisted in opposite directions. It came apart quite easily. It appears to be glued together by some sort of liquid cement. We reglued with some high strenght glue.
As for the boot, im trying to remember what the bottom of the shifter looks like, is it possible to slide in from the bottom?

2. Yes that is from the old shifter seat. You don't need it. But I want to say that you should not use an oem shifter seat. Marlincrawler offers one made of a hard plastic that greatly improves your shifter feel and performance. It will last WAY longer then a rubber one, and its cheaper then oem :)
That boot will most certainly slide over the larger portion of the shifter. Just put some muscle into it and pull on it, its rubber and will stretch. Use some spray silicone to help you out a bit.
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