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i searched the forums but couldn't find info on the smallport.

1) Is the smallport more desirable for the ae92?

2) Has anyone ran the quarter mile with a smallport?

3) Where does oil leak usually occur from on the smallport?
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well first of all the smallport was offered in late model ae92's, im not really sure what you mean by desirable. if you desire a 140 hp 16V 4age then yes, its desirable. ive seen a couple smallport fwd swaps, running high 15's, low low 16's.
I think the AE101 4AGZE is probably the most "desirable" motor out of the A series, plenty of hp and torque, AND the capability of going turbo at anytime. :D

As for oil leaks.. don't know, my smallport doesn't leak yet (knock on wood) my bigport did leak or sweat a little around the dizzy area though. Also one of the clamps on the oil cooler lines finally gave up one day, so it did "leak" but it was easily fixable. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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