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2013 Toyota Venza v6
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So I opened my smart key and I blew it with the compressed canned air. The frozen stuff didn't come out but after that my smart key is not working. The smart key is not flashing red when I press a button and I tried to go to the car and it won't unlock it either by pressing or by going to the door, I had also tried to start the car with the key fob and it didn't start at all.

Hopefully I can go to toyota and hopefully it will be covered by my warranty, atleast I got a 2nd key woh I am glad because I tried exchanging batteries and the other key worked with my current key but my current key did not even work with the other battery key. Maybe it just sort of froze because compressed air is cold and hopefully it will work again in the morning.

Is there a way to program a smart key because my cut key can still be used for unlocking the car door.
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