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Smells like fuel

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So whenever I drive with my window down, my car smells like fuel. I've pulled all my codes and have none. My coolant temp, O2, TPS, and IAT sensors are all good. I changed my cap, rotor, plugs, and wires. I'm still getting 150miles per tank. The injectors aren't leaking because I've checked those but the fuel smell seems to come from the tank itself. Could it be a fuel pump relay or something? I have no fuel leaks either. I'm parked in my garage looking and don't see any. Also, whenever I park the car when I come home from work, it smells like fuel as soon as I step out, same in the mornings when I warm it up before school... Any help?


Forgot to mention that my plugs were changed two weeks ago and they're still coming out black (dry carbon deposits). The car passes ETest because it was done whenever I picked it up in December. Even though NC doesn't require it my mechanic did it anyways and it passed with flying colors.
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If the smell is from the tank area could be a cracked fuel tank emissions hose, vent hose, hose between the fill tube and tank, etc.
Yea, it could be a crack on the tank or fuel filler line. Because fuel evaporates, it could be seeping out rather than having drips...
mine did the same thing but it was running real rough, turned out to be the vacuum line came unplugged from the MAP sensor
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