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yo after I pop the hood its still locked somehow, wheres the button to open it?

oh ya another question, I cant get my car outtta park lol, would there be anything else I could look for besides the buttom beside the stick?

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Ok well, you gave us alot of info on what type of car you have, but the hood release will be in the center and to the right. For the car not getting out of park make sure the key is on the on position and the steering wheel isn't locked. If all else fails insert the key into the shift lock override button on the shifter panel. Once again I have no idea what kind of car you have:hammer:

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what car is it..?

if the steering wheel is locked, move it side to side a little...

also, step on the brakes to shift out of park, once the car's on...

just feel around, it's usually to the side of the emblem (if your car has a grill)...

p.s., i hope you're younger than camnub for asking this...

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Check all your fuses. I remember I had a friend whos car would shift out of gear and the problem was a blown fuses. This has happened to 2 of my friends in two different cars. One was a Van and the other one was a Pontiac.

Might be the same scenario.
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