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k my car idles and when it does it has aaalllooottt of smoke that smells lke anti freeze

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White smoke?
Blue smoke?
Black smoke?

White smoke = Burning Coolant. Welcome to BHG town.
Blue smoke = Oil Burning. Could be caused by valve seals, worn pistion rings, etc. Internal engine issues.
Black smoke = Rich fuel mixture. Too much gas and not enough air.
its white smoke but it is not a hg i think coolant got on the plugs because my uncle was pooring coolant while the car was running and some ccoolant got on my filter and sucked it up
How do you know it's not a HG? Even NA's popped head gaskets.

Coolant "on" the plugs, will smoke white for.. oh, a second?
I haven't posted here in forever, and to not surprise my first in a LONG time is:

Hi Jeeves :)
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I may not be a supra owner but I've had the same problem on my talon a few times and it was always a blown up radiator hose so double check them too.
im dont think i tis a hg, im not trying to get u guys pissed by arguing but there is no water in the oil, and it is only when i idle whn i start going it is fine.
I'm not pissed, you just hadn't provided a single bit of 'proof' as to why it absolutely couldn't be a blown head gasket.

Either way, smoking is bad. Compression test the motor, It's an easy test and the results can indicate a lot of things.
ya , like the car hasalot of power, and the smoke is only bad when it is idling, once i start going itgets better. the oil is not milky either
Either way, smoking is bad. Compression test the motor, It's an easy test and the results can indicate a lot of things.
lol ya i will do that. it is also sputtering when u ge going , it almost sounds like one of the pistons is not firing., so i think i might get a new cam, pistns, and what else do u nee to install a turbo into ur car?
ummm...get it running right before even remotely thinking about boosting it. All you'll do is make a potentially correctable problem fail...epic fail...
well ya i am going to get the hg fixed(once again jeeves is right:]) then i am going to rebuild the engine, and i was wondering what i needed to do to install a turbo
You can't just bolt on a turbo. Plain and simple, your best bet is to buy a parts car (can be found cheap) and jack the engine, tranny, ecu and wiring harness and swap it all (after you've replaced the head gasket and done the proper machining work of course).

Did you compression test it? How do you know I'm right? Don't jump to conclusions is all I'm saying. Do the proper tests to see what's wrong before you just start replacing parts.
ya tomorrow i a taking it to my local pauly toyota and have them do a free diagnosis so well see what they say
I've seen this in our shop. Once the coolant cools off. Most likely you got antifreeze squirted all up under your hood. No need to worry, there's pricey car parts to change. Just get the overflow hose fixed before you drive it again and and you'll be fine. Hope you fixed it.
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