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Sneak Peek

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Its been a busy time for the Camry....thougth i'd give you guys a quick snapshot...see anything missing ;)

view is from front driver's side to back
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Shaved handles.

How much does it cost to get them done? Solenoid, poppers, bodyshop work, etc?
put electric lambo doors on it :thumbup: :cool:

I was going to get those done for my back seat. They look nice man. Just make sure to hide the safte release well. Otherwise you will have people breaking into your car left and right.

I can't wait to see it after it's painted. What color are you doing it?
The parts for the kits (if you want to do it right) are about $400. then wahtever labor to shaaave the handles, and install fo the kit if you dont do it yourself. I am doing the solenoid and wiring install myself, and have finally figured it out after a few headaches. But know it works liek a charm :)

Yea the saaftey switch i'll paint balck so that it doesn't stand out. But they won't be able to open up my car jsut with that switch, not with my new alarm ;) and they can't really slim-jim it either since i took off the connecting rods to the latch. There are still two rods left (till i figure out a way to have no interior door handle either :) ) but those are harder to get to anyway.

I thinkk i'm just going with a respray, although i am looking at a VW color that caught my eye....nothing drastic just a subtle difference, we shall see
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No inside handle.... Hmmm... How are you going to cover that up? Or are you just going to leave it for looks?
Have a peice of plastic cut, to fill in the hole where the handle is, like if you pull the whole handle out, you should have a hole there, have a peice of plastic made to fill that hole. it will stil be visible, but not much.
lookin good:thumbup:
Can't wait to see the finished project man.
I havent tackled the no interior door handle yet becuse i'm thinking when i do that i might as well go for fiberglass panels and just make somethign custom. or i can just fill that area in with fiberglass and paint it. we'll see
luis, i'll help ya out if i can with that. hey i gotta learn how to fiberglass work sometime also. the more i do it, the better i'll become.
good work on ur project, hope it all comes out well....getting it up and running with the turbo gonna be sick~ :thumbup: :thumbup:
I can post says the attachment has to be smaller than 1024 bytes, thats 1KB!!! is hat te new rule? what picture is 1KB in size:confused:
nice, i like it. You should just have a button for the inside door handle
That is soooo f'ing cool. I want that..
Oh man your car is gonna look sweet! :D
thanx guys....i hope it comes out well. Can't wait to take it to a show.

just FYI... a small color modification is being made:D
Man that's tight I want to do mine sometime in the future
Much props:thumbup: :thumbup:
Awesome Luis. I like, keep up the great work! Be sure to post your progress! :thumbup:
Thanx guys...

..i started taking aprt the dash fo rsome modifications:D ... this is it just about all off

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1 - 20 of 89 Posts
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