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snow plow- springs or bumpstops?

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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone who's plowing with their Tacoma has put on different springs, or bump stops to prevent some of the beating the truck is getting. We've got a real heavy steel plow on, and it seems like it bottoms out the suspsension when the plow is raised, can't be good... What are some options? Idealy, I don't want the height of the truck lifted with longer springs or anything like that.

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Not sure how much snow-plowing you perform (just driveway, or miles of road), but maybe you could engineer some type of brace set that you could temporarily install that would prohibit the front suspension from compressing, while the plow is on the vehicle.

Interesting challenge though, to be sure.
I've never seen a snow plow in my life. But down here people have large, custom bumpers with large winches mounted in them. Get some beefier coil springs installed. If you leave it on year round you could leave the springs in, but if you remove it in the summer you'd need two sets of springs.

Tundra springs will fit on a Tacoma strut, from what I've researched. People use them to lift their front ends and I would, but I haven't been able to source any from local junkyards here. If you remove the plow in the winter then you'll have some serious reverse rake. So you'd need to raise the rear in the summer and get an alignment, or go back to the stock springs. I would avoid a front leveling kit since it's the added weight of the plow making it bottom out. Stiffer springs are the answer, as well as having two sets (the stock ones, and the stiff ones). Removing and installing struts that are made up can be done in an hour after you've gotten the hang of it.

Hope this is helpful, and can you post a picture. I'd like to see this snow plowing Tacoma.
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Can you post a picture. I'd like to see this snow plowing Tacoma.
Me too !!
Just how much plowing are you doing? Tacoma's for commerical plowing not a good idea, If you install bigger coils I think that the ball joints are going to come apart, You need a bigger truck or about 275 lb's.
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