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So, how many miles do you have!!

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I know that we all know our Toyota's are long lasting and dependable. Anyone remember that old Toyota commercial when the owners hit 200,000 they'd take a pic with their car, jumping for joy!! So how many miles do you have on your 'Yota???

My 89 pickup has 250,000+ on it, not sure exactly how much cause of the 31" tires that have been on it for so long now, and it still has the original engine!!!

My 05 XB now has 625.
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my 96 cam has 101,400 miles my 87 4runner has around 150k km.
95,000 on my 97 Camry, only 35,000 on my engine though, threw a rod 3 yrs ago and Toyota replaced it for free :)
350.000 Kms on our 1982 FJ60
198.000 Kms on the Celica

BUt again this is a small country and you can drive across it in 14-15 hours, it would be less time but roads here are crap
130,000on the car
30,000on the engine
damn motor went at exactly 100,000miles:disappoin
30k on mine

so far so good. :D
my 88 camry has 120k and my mom's 97 camry has about 54k
362,280 miles, and no not kilometers

just kidding

195,000 miles.
70k on the Supra....
155k on the MR2... but I have 5k on the new engine.
425 on the parts car...still ran alright when I yanked the engine. Thanks to Ben (cdnsupra) for taking care of that part anyhow :)

130k on the 1mzfe on my 94 Es300
79K on my 1mzfe on my 97 Camry
50K on my 5sfe on my 01 Solara.

(Currently debating weather to get a 1uzfe w/ 140K miles...)
230,000km on the Cressida's clock when it died... but I KNOW it actually had 330,000km.

307,000km currently on the '91 Bonneville SSE

168,000km currently on the '98 Altima

though I hope dad gets an 89-92 Cressida to replace the '91 SSE, it's starting to have tranny issues.
84500 km on my 98 Camry 5SFE :D :D :D :D
As of 8/3/04 my '95 Camry LE has 61,500 miles.
my 92 camry has 86000 miles
and our van...91 previa has 160,000ish
04' Cam 5515 miles
95 carmy with 156,000, still runs great. Mobil ! since new.
about 160,000 on my corolla. 155,000 on my dad's 92 Toyota Truck
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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