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SO I went to my video dributor and found my dream car

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I went to the famous Motorex in So. Cal to pick up some videos for my work and they had a bunch of skylines.

Two R33 GTR's. One HEAVILY modded with a body kit, wheels, etc. other one is basically stock.

One R34 GTR N1... just a beatuty

One R32 GTR Blue with a kit etc.

and one R33 GTS that was modded up.

Also they had Chris Forsberg's SR20 powered 350z Dirft car. He works there as a mechanic. If I go back there, I'll take pics. :)

Found my dream cars, now just to save up the money. :lol:
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^ dayum....those are some nice cars!! Get some pics fast!!

Forsberg's 350Z...*droooool*

EDIT: hahahaha...nice pic there, ripley
am i the only one not to like the 350Z??
the R33 is my favorite skyline ever!!
sick car
i dont like the 350z's either. my favorite skyline is the r32.
I'd take a G35 coupe over a 350z, but with the right front bumper the 350 can look pretty dang nice.
i like the g35, not the 350z, 350z makes me :puke:
SR20 powered 350Z??? :confused: That's like having a 4AGZE powered JZA80 Supra. :lol: wtf
we want pics:mad: its not nice to tease
REN69 said:
SR20 powered 350Z??? :confused: That's like having a 4AGZE powered JZA80 Supra. :lol: wtf
Here's the reason, the 350z v6 only has the potential for about 350hp without any internal work. For about another $8000.

Chris was sponsored by Signal, so he wanted to have a motor with a TON of parts, cheaper parts, and a lot of potential. The best motor, was the SR20. He blew the stock 350z motor so he got that.

It makes about another 100 more hp than his old motor. It's lighter and it sits farther back in the car. It's a better swap over all.

I think you got owned. :lol: ;) :p:
lets go back to drooling over the skylines pls. thk you
We need pics!!!
UfoZ8myCow said:
im going to blast racing next week sometime which is right next door in the same building as motoRex... ill be sure to bring my camera and make you kids drool. last time i was there i got to see ken gushi's blue S13... pretty sick...
Yeah, when I went there, blast was closed. But Motorex was kick'n.

Ken's car is now Green. It had the Japanese HKS wave on the side of it. Looks bad ass. I'm supposed to kick it with Ken next week and my film class is going to do something with him and his car. I think we're doing a children's tv show and we're featuring him.
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