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So I'm noticing a lot of MKII people. . .

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which is fine & all, but where all are the MK1s!?!?
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SandrasUserName said:
haha are you on every car forum Jeff?
I am everywhere. :)

SandrasUserName said:
BTW I have the MR2 calendar & that pic of Jekyl is just amazing.
BTW That's not Jekyl :) ... that was my first turbo MR2 from back in 1996. I have owned 9 MR2s in my life. :)

Anyone who wants an MR2 calendar, click my signature for ATS racing and talk to Aaron. Tell him I sent you. The year is 1/2 over so I bet you can get a great deal on calendars!

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MR2Racer28 said:
Man Jeff and Dennis are on this board too. And i thought i was bad for being on so many boards. *whew*. I am not alone. Hello everyone. :D
jeff is on,,, etc.

i'm in the 3 mentioned plus supraforum, tercelonline, and other non-toyota forums.
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