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Socal Corollas!!

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anyone from here from southern california??!?!?!? we should have a meet.
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lol im from socal... im down but i dont really think anyone will want 2 come haha... it would be fun thoughh
nice what city are you from? post a pic of your ride to guys!
im down..i live in San Diego. Where are you guys located? my pics are in the dx blacked out lights..
im located at la crescenta.. its basically 5-10 mins away from pasadena.glendale, burbank
im from san diego, i go to all the big meets so
next year you might see my corolla wagon at shows and meets

here is a local SD forum im on join and make an intro we are pretty big
im down for a rolla meet or just a TRD meet, ive got a bunch of friends out here in Victorville that roll together in toyota's

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Where is a good place to meet? Im thinking Huntington beach or something.
hunnington beach is a great spot i think. deff get alot of people out there around this time.
deff with it getting hot and all..
give me a PM so I can give you guess my number so we can all meet up!!!
i think we should make more posts to get more people to go first.

make it a really big toyota meet...
how many ppl on this forum are in socal? i thnk we can have a big amount so we can make this happen
im from south east down for a meet just need to know the date time and location. i have some friends that roll toyotas also..
anyone notice that celica in the pics i posted above?
it is a 92 celice gt-4 RC only 2 in America, right hand drive, AWD turbo rally car.

Im in Orange county so count me in. I'll post pics later.
we have enough, we dont have to big it a big ass meet. I dont think thats a good idea to do in HB. haha. Lets try to do this next weekend or something!!!

^Lesin you from santa ana?? Im from fountain valley!
^Lesin you from santa ana?? Im from fountain valley!
Yup, practically neigbors! good to see someone from my side of the country.
im pretty much screwed right now on going to any kind of meet, some dumb broad was upset that my car was better then hers so she decided shw was going to hit me...jk, i guess she didnt see WHEN I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HER, and she decided she wanted to be in my lane, and thats what happend....... estimated $3600 in damage, her insurance is covering it..

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1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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