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I run 5w-15w solar battery chargers/tenders and never had a problem. They need to be wired to pretty much ANY positive/negative continuously on wiring, or directly to battery....

If someone burned a vehicle to the ground, then that fool did something wrong. Military.. genius... hahahahaha oxymoron!

I've had a few cars have them connected permanently, along with boats, rvs, motorcycles, watercraft... over the years. Never had a problem.

Never connect solar panel directly to car wiring or battery. You must use a charger controller. This prevents the battery from overcharging. And, it prevents the panel from killing the battery at night(panel is a resistor at night and pulls power).

For example:

I can build my own kit for a lot cheaper with used locally found panel or one from harborfreight and any ebay/amazon 12v mini solar battery charge controller.

1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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