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Solara cabin noise

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I drive a 2008 Solara. Two weeks ago it developed a cabin noise that is best described as a low pitch, whirring noise. For those of you who remember the old snow tires, it kind of sounds like that. Here's the interesting part. The noise revs with the engine, yet you can't hear the noise outside of the cabin. The car was at the Toyota dealers yesterday for routine maintenance and they could not identify the source of the noise. Has anyone experienced this situation?
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do you have the air blowing when its making this noise?
Air flow noise eliminated

I had the car in the dealers this week for routine service and they replaced the cabin and the engine air filters which did not resolve the issue. Also, turning the AC and fan completely off does not make any difference.

I had a thought yesterday. The noise seems louder on the driver's side, front seat. Does anyone know if the tachometer is electronic or digital, or if it operates via a revolving cable that could possibly be generating the noise?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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