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1992 Corolla DLX
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Sold: 15 June 2019


NAME: Marc Hichens
EMAIL: Please use ToyotaNation PM
LOCATION: Lederach, PA
PRICE: $1500 with HID Projector Retrofit, $1300 with Stock Halogen Headlights
DESCRIPTION (CAR, YEAR, OTHER): 1992 Toyota Corolla DX 5 Speed, White With Blue Interior, AM/FM Cassette, 48-state emissions (no EGR), AC that still blows cold.

This car has been in my family since new. I have all the service receipts since the car was new. The title has been in my name since August 2006. The title is clear and the car is titled in Pennsylvania.

I have changed the oil and filter every 3000 miles.

In Pennsylvania, there is no more emmissions testing on this car since it is over 25 years old. There is still a very strict safety inspection and the car always passed, so there are no structural defects in the car.

The left rear was damaged by another vehicle in Dec 2002. The left rear quarter panel was repaired, and the trunk and left tail lamp were replaced. The rusty spot on the left rear, above the tail lamp, is likely from poor prep prior to painting the repair. The trunk does not leak.

When I was commuting 16 miles to work (mostly 35 mph roads), I averaged about 32 mpg. I am now retired and do very little driving and the average is about 23 mpg.

All 4 tires are Kumho Solus 175/70/13.
As of Nov 2018, the tread depths were: LF and RF (8), LR and RR (6).
As of Nov 2018, the brake pad/shoe thicknesses were: LF and RF (9), LR and RR (4).

The original horn was replaced with dual-note GM car horns to make the little car sound like a big car.

Recent Parts Replacement:
Nov 2018: Left outer tie rod end
Jul 2018: hood release cable, replaced HID ballasts with 35W Morimoto, replaced mini projectors, replaced bulbs with Morimoto H1 XB 4500K, and replaced relay harness with Morimoto harness.
Apr 2018: 2 tires, left inner tie rod end (163,682 miles), front struts, radiator, radiator cap, coolant flush
Sep 2017: air filter (162,660 miles)
Dec 2016: front transmission mount
Nov 2016: battery
Sep 2016: 2 tires (160,175 miles)
Aug 2016: front brake pads, rotors, and caliper guide pin boots
Jun 2016: rear struts, muffler
Dec 2015: thermostat, PCV grommet
Nov 2015: rear brakes
Sep 2015: aftermarket headlights with clear lenses retrofitted with projectors, H1 bulbs, Hella ballasts, generic relay harness
Jul 2015: Bosch platinum plugs (152,157 miles), installed dual-note horns from a 1981 Chevrolet Malibu
May 2015: clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, fuel filter (151,644 miles)
Dec 2013: windshield washer reservior & pump
Oct 2013: distributor cap, rotor, and wires (140,500 miles)
Sep 2006: both front CV shafts and seals, timing belt and tensioner, air filter (93,000 miles)


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