Well-cared-for 01 Avalon XL. 72,000 miles.
Clear title.
For non-Avalon audience: Avalon is a stretch Camry with mechanical parts that are the same as contemporaneous Camrys. Incredible rear leg room.
XL trim level is base model, very few toys (and thus few to break).

Second Avalon Generation (1999-2004) and Gen3 (2004-2011) Avalons are among the best quality Toyota has produced to date. Gen2 is especially civilized, quiet, and excellent as a highway driver.

Excellent mechanical shape, excellent interior, good exterior (some dings & scrapes). 3-liter, 6 cylinder 1MZ-FE engine, standard Toyota radio, A/C (not ATAC – manual), automatic, driver window auto-down & auto-up, ABS, side & front air bags, power driver & front passenger seats (Broyhill / Ethan Allen quality & feel).

Standard (non chipped) ignition key

Given its age, it’s ideal for someone who can work on cars or has access to family/friend wrenchers.
Old-guy column shift & split cloth bench seat

Three owner car:
  • Retired chemical engineer [PhD Chem, Columbia], Tampa area, FL )named Walter, so car is “Wally”
  • Walter’s daughter & family, Wellesley MA
  • Me
Selling because my wife has stopped driving. We no longer need 2 cars and we're keeping her 03 Avalon, primarily because she said "You're NOT selling MY car!".
  • service records since 700 miles (on Excel spreadsheet)
  • new dog-bone (top of engine torque mount) June 2022
  • new front control arms w/new ball joints + alignment, May, 2022
  • new timing belt / water pump / idlers / tensioner / seals / gasket April 2022
  • new Denso A/C compressor, condenser, & cooling system radiator – Sept 2019
  • Refurbished rear brake baking plates (original are NLA) – Sept 2019 - thanks again Old Mechanic for supplying the non-rusted used parts!
  • Moog Problem Solver sway bar links (greasable) rear, Jan 2020; front, Sept 2018