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Solenoid E mulfunction code. I drove 700 miles.

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3 times this code (P0770???)popped up while I drove from FL to MD. I cleared it every time, I had code reader. No problems with transmission.
I have lots of tools with me and ramps. It looks like I will stay in MD until the problem solved. I don't want transmission to die half-way to Florida.
Any suggestions? Thanks.
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The solenoid is gunked up. You'll need to drop the transmission pan to clean it up.

You don't have any hard shifting or clunking noises from the transmission?
No hard shifting or any other problems.

My manual says there are 2 transmissions
  • 2000-2005 Toyota Celica Matrix U240E Automatic Transmission Manual
  • 2003-2005 Toyota Matrix U341F Automatic Transmission Manual
  • I need to know which one I have 03 Matrix XR FWD
  • then I need to figure out which solenoid it is to clean right one.
  • Shift solenoid ”E” (SR)
My plan:
1. Remove pan and filter
2.remove solenoids, which can be removed w/o taking off valve body.
3,test all solenoids applying 12v and clean removed ones with brake fluid (???)
Solenoids, manual mentions 7 solenoids:
A S1/SL1
B S2/SL2
C S3
Torque converter SL/DSL
Shift timing ST
There's a cert label in the driver's side door jamb. Lower left corner.

You have a good direction to go with.

Most issues I have read has been solenoid B.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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