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Since I couldn't see paying Toyota about $300.00 for mud guards for my 05 HL, I went to Pep Boys and bought 2 sets of Model 4 Pro Fit Splash Guards by Powerflow for about $40.00 total. The fronts were a snap to install since there are existing screws in the lip of the wheel well which can be used to hold the installed mud guards in place. The backs were a little trickier, since there are no screws to use (unless you already have OEM mud guards). I bought OEM screws (90080-15089) and spring nuts (90183-06019) from the dealer (4 each--cost about $18.00 [I am not making this up]). If you know what to get, you can get screws and spring nuts from your hardware store a lot cheaper. If you don't know what to get, get one screw and one spring nut from the dealer and take them to the hardware store to match-up. The spring nuts slip onto the lip of the wheel well and you have to make a hole in the lip at the dimple locations for the screws to pass. Follow directions that come with the Splash Guards, install them, and "voila !," problem solved. Thay are black in color (which I prefer), look really good, and work well.
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