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so i'm still working on the egr problem i posted and things are moving forward, but i had a few more questions.

1: i'm not liking my DRL's (daytime running lights) my buddies who are on this site have corolla's, and all that turns those off is simply cutting a wire. i was hoping some one has done something similar here too. thnx :)

2: i have a V6 1mz-fe(gen4, 99) and i almost bought a sturt tower bar but read the details and it stated it wouldn't fit the V6 camry, lame. i was wondering what company may make one... i'm also am lookin for one for the rear strut tower too... but that'll probably be custom since i actually have weight reduction lol oh well.... more headachs for me, thnx again!:headbang:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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