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Well here's what I've been doing as of late, completing my interior.Enjoy

Heres my headliner ripped out of the Trix :blink:

Getting ready to be Sueded out :good:

Finished Product B)

Heres my Gauge Pod being built

Finished Product along with Gauges installed

These are GlowShift Gauges.They are multicolored gauges I have them set to red to match the dash.But they have a total of 7 colors to choose from as well as two other features that I didn't know they had.One is that you can set it up that it changes color every 2 to 3 seconds.The other is you set it up that it fades into every color.

Heres my New head unit it's a Clarion VRX755VD 7" Touchscreen Monitor this thing has a ton features.It's Sirius ready,I Pod ready,plays cd,dvd,vcd,mp3 just naming the basics.But one cool feature that really like is that you can change the color the preset buttons either to green or red.Guess what color I picked?

Heres another project done.My Clarion DCZ625 6 CD Changer.This thing is freaking tiny compared to my old one.So I installed it here

It's has a plastic frame around it wrapped in suede to give it a cleaner look Instead of it just being there.Complete with a pocket in case I want to put something in there.

Well fellas heres the final stretch of my completed interior as well as my completed Audio/Video System.The only thing left to do is to do something to the back panels of the rear seats which is already in the works.So here's the pics

My gauge pod being in suede

Here it is completed along with the rest of the pillars done in suede

Here's the headrest being done with the TV's.I have 5.8" monitors in the front and 7" in the rears

Here you'll notice my new sub enclosures along with my custom floor w/ Alpine amps(one is not shown as of now) and Stinger Cap.

Also I have to represent my boys at Trixology and Facin' Reality

NEXT UP IS THE EXTERIOR and getting rid of the gray cladding behind the seats...So be on the lookout:dj: :D

06 Toyota Matrix XR
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