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... some more Hyde damage found ...

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You might recall reading this thread.

Unfortunately, while doing some of the new upgrades to Hyde
over the winter, we just found this.

Unfortunately, the damaged GT35R needed to be replaced which
has drastically cut into the budget for some other "fun stuff" we
were planning on doing. There is still a bunch of changes being made to the car, but .... a set of 315s on a pair of 17X10.5s out back is not happening anytime soon :(
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That is very strange... But that thing looks torn up!!!... I am suprised u were getting so much boost outta that!!!. And that it wasn't scraping all the time..Never the less, I guess the turbo price isn't going to be cheap. Isn't it possible just to replace the part that needs replacing? (can't remember the name)
The only part damaged was the turbin blades, but since this is a ball-bearing turbo, we had to buy the whole CHRA (center housing) ~ $1,000. :(
omg!!! thats alot of mula!!! I feel sorry for ya.. Better luck man, hope u don't get any other unexpected losses.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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