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I live in nova scotia, Canada and have always driven corollas and I dirve a 1997 corolla 1.8 L with 220000km thats well taken care of was was maintained at the dealer till last year. In the last minth i have noticed some times when i come to a stop or have my foot off the gas the car will stall then i turn the key off we go like nothing happend. the car works great and has lots of power and gives no problems. this is a thing that comes and gos the last few weeks and the car can work fine for a few days then it happens and then works good. I have been keeping my car at least 1/2 full with gas and have tryed 2 dif. fule injector/gas teatments and now on the second. the things that have been change last little wile because i wanted a tune up
air filter
PVC valce
Fuel filter
Dis. Cap
Rotor botton

its strange and i'm new here and hope some one can help me out

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Might be the air idle control valve needs cleaning.

A TN history search will turn up posts on cleaning it. These valves are pretty much the same from model to model hence input from another model forum would be of help.

A Google may also turn up hits as this is a common issue.
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