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This is a little late but probably helpful for others...
I am told that the struts for the 235 wheels are better than the struts for the steel wheels.
KYB makes strut cartridges
Spend your money on the front brakes, the rear ones don't do anything. My parents have the origional rear brakes on their 1997 RAV @ 230K km and the parking brake is still in adjustment.
Stock exhausts last forever. My parents also have the stock exhaust on their RAV, although it does have some holes in it the engine is so quiet it doesn't matter. This car has seen a fair amount of slow paced dirt roads too. Assuming the OEM exhaust isn't outrageously priced I would be willing to pay a bit of a premium for it over aftermarket.
The engine seams to have lost a lot of power in my parents RAV, dunno what parts are responsible for this. Would be worth bringing back to spec at some point as it used to do burnouts in OD with Fuel economy turned on.

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