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Some questions about strange swap

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Hello everyone,

I searched and searched everywhere on the internet, but could not find my answer. Maybe because nobody did it before?

Sorry for my English anyway, I'm from the Netherlands / Europe.
And the most persons living here can't help me with my problem.

I own a 5th gen Celica with a 4A-FE engine in it.
The most people that want to swap that engine will buy a 4A-GE 16/20v.
Because the engine mounts are hell for fitting in a 3S engine or any S engine.

But that is not my problem, I can buy a really cheap 1MZ-FE engine from a camry that I want to fit in.

Why? I am rebuilding, inside and outside, and I want something you don't see that often, a celica with a V6 engine.
Because 3VZ is to hard to find, and because the 1MZ is lighter then a 3VZ I a 1MZ in my Celica.

But one question is, how about the engine mounts?
Before this celica I had a honda, and I could swap and "D" engine in it, or a B engine with new engine mounts, or H/K with new engine mounts.
Everything fits, but you will need those new engine mounts.

Before I had those honda's I had also a 5th gen Celica, with a 4A-FE eninge in it, i really love those 5th gen Celicas, thats why I have one.. again!.

Can someone help me with those engine mounts issues?

Do I need other engine mounts to fitin a 1MZ engine? and on wich side of the engine, the car side or the engine side?
If the engine side, can I put new 4A mounts on it? or do I need 1MZ engine mounts, or maybe 3S.. because it fits in 3s directly.

Or is this swap not possible at all?

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take a welding class
take a welding class
id weld it for him cheap but hes over across the ocean
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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