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Some Questions on Radio Replacement

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I plan to install a replacement radio in my 1997 Avalon. Got the Chilton Manual so I have the wiring diagram (I have the 6 speaker system with the Amplifier).

I will turn the key on and disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes so the Air bag system will be dissabled as recommended in chiltons.

I think I see how to get the trim and the radio out.

What I can not find is exactly where the amplifier module is located. I need to bypass this as the replacement radio has a built in amplifier. With the wiring diagram I can see what needs to be connected to what (I hope :) )

Can someone tell me exactly where and how to get to the amplifier Module.

Also if possible a recommendation on where to route the wires from the raio to the amplifier I am hoping this is easy to "snake" through the dash.

Any and all advice appreciated

Appreciate the help !!!! Avalon 120K and still running great hope to get more life out of this car :thumbup:
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The OEM amplifier should be behind the glovebox. It may not be a simple plug-n-play with a harness adapter, as you may have to extend and hardwire to the wires that connect to the amp. I did this on a '98 Avalon with the similar methods, leaving the amp plug that have the speaker wires to the car unplugged to the amp. This, of course, disabled the factory sub also. There is an old thread (or two) somewhere that could shed some light. Try look for them first.
Thank you i did find one of the old posts that you talked about. Guess I just needed to think of better search words than I was using.

It looks like I have to hardwire the cable connecting to my new radio. I do have the connector for the radio end so at least I will not be hardwiring the radio in. The radio also has its own fuse. The wireing list in the above post matches exactly to what I found in the Chiltons manual so I think I am all set there. As you said the amplifier must be behind the Glove box so If I can get at it I should be all set. I have had the dash apart around the radio before so I inow how to do that.

Thanks again....
Thanks for the help.

Installed the Radio Friday. Was a challenge as the speaker wire colors all matched the posts here and the Chiltons schematic so it was easy to get the phase and speakers connected correctly.

The Chiltons schematic had some differences and one error on the cars wire colors for the switched, and unswitched power as well as which connector removed from the amplifier the power wires were on. Once that got sorted out using a meter things went fine works great.
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