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Someone handy with PhotoShop?

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PhotoShop Chop? New Wheel Request!

please put these wheels onto my car.

And whoever does it, please make the rims black and look proportional, along with a slam. Last one made thr wheels look tiny.

Thank you
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gen 4.5s are 5 lug right?
lol bbk
New wheel request. thank you
Those are nice looking, and 5-lugs! ha :thumbsup:
with the infiniti wheels and a modest drop :lol:

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^^Gonna need coilovers for that "modest" drop :lol:.
doesnt look bad I guess. What do you guys think?
Whose wheels are those? What's the width of the rim?
the wheels belong to a friend of mine.
the fronts are 17x7.5 and rears are 17x8.

Think theyll fit?
They might..You know the offset of them? See if you can test fit them. Mine are 17x8 with +38 and I only have about 1/4 finger gap between rear strut and wheel. I'm dropped on aftermarket springs/struts though..
I'm test fitting tomorrow or Sunday. I'm getting a drop soon also remember?
The offset is in the low 30s..
I'm thinking that it should fit. But yeah, just test fit to be sure.
good news, the wheels fit. The offset was actually +45 and 17x7s all around.

The question now is do I need spacers..
You should be ok without spacers. My current wheels have the same specs as yours. How much clearance do you have?
about a fingers worth. The thing is, I want the rears to be flush with the fender. Its somewhat sunken with those wheels. Maybe 10mm spacers...I dunno
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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