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somethin broke

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i went through a car wash and now my back window on the runner aint doin nothin. thank god its at least up all the way. but its no fun having to crawl allll the way back there when i need something, not to mention how fun it is pulling those panels off in the little space.

but i need to know what the hell happened...the key switch and the button up front arent responding. im assuming water got in there somehow. but i dont smell anything thats "burnt" the foam insulation is soaked though.

i know this isn't a 4runner forum..but the 4runner forum sucks
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This isnt the 4 runner forum.


I have had issues with my remote locks because the wiring running between the frame and the door keeps cracking. It could be something like that.
is there a fuse you can check to see if it shorted somewhere??
and i will forgive you for posting here. the 4runner section really does suck!

thanks for the mercy :) ive been going crazy lookin for my manual or something to tell me what fuses are what. i have no info. all i know is the "back door" light keeps flickering on and off and the only thing that turns that light on is when the glass is down and the latch isnt engaged.
hmmmm. im guessing that you have looked online for diagrams of the fuses, so im not even gonna ask if you have or not. have you posted anything in the 4runner section about gettin a diagram? its sounds like the water has destroyed the inside of that tailgate though. it could be cracked wires that are shorting because of the water, just like pee_slice said.

check the wiring harness at any hinge point, it sounds like a broken wire.
sound like me all the time....

me coming home: stupid truck

gf: whats wrong

me: sumthin broke

Make sure the rear wiper blade has not been moved from it's "park" position.

If I recall correctly (this could be real iffy) the wiper needs to be in the park position before the window will operate.

It may have been moved out of position in the car wash.
yeah if the wiper is off, it wont work. thats the first thing i checked. there is power gettin to the motor so im thinking the motor fried. i figure, if there is power getting to the motor, then the fuse is ok so i havent bothered with that. just so damn frustrating

i love toyota but i HATE the dealership and their pricing. 320 for a new motor
thank GOD for ebay....50 bucks, now i just have to figure out the maze and mess of getting that motor in there
do you have power and ground?
Vicoor said:
do you have power and ground?
oh i overlooked that thanks
I've even seen professional technicians make this mistake

You always have to test the whole circuit. I don't have the diagrams for that available to me at home so I can't give you any specific diagnostic info.

But I'd disconnect the motor wires and jump power and ground to the motor then if it does not work one way switch the polarity to see if it works the other way.
still no fire. time to go to my mechanic and pass on the frustration
Oh Man

:disappoin so um...that back door just needed to be leaned against to secure the latch...yeah, i definatley feel like a tard.
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