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sonic pole blues..

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yeah i'm the guy that hit the sonic pole. i recommend not going with SAFE-CO INSURANCE or ed haltom (bodyshop)------its been a month and almost a week since i hit the sonic pole and guess what? I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE DAMN THING BACK. insurance waits three and a half weeks to send an adjuster, then bodyshop man says ok i'll start on it and it wont be but a 2 day job (almost two weeks ago). well.... i call last monday, oh i havent gotten to it yet. i'm gonna start on it wednesday/thursday. i call last wednesday, oh... i have the parts here, its torn down and i've started on it - it'll be ready by the first of the week.

so i call monday, oh well... umm... i just started on it it'll be ready thursday. so yesterday i call. he says its just about done; he's painting the grille (charcoal because the one that came in was unpainted, black) and finishing the clear on the fender. "Call me back tomorrow at noon and I'll have it to you buddy."

needless to say, i called at 12. i called at 12:15. i called at 12:30. i called a shitload of times from then till now. no answer. so i decide to go by there. random car pulls out of the parking lot, and the gate to the bodyshop is shut, locked. "closed" when the other signs say "open". then i call and the line is busy. so i wait and call again. no answer.

so just a heads up to everybody driving a taco.... DO NOT HIT A SONIC POLE
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That sucks man, I would NOT be happy if I were in you're situation, at the least I would not be recommending that body shop to anyone. Good luck in getting everything taken care of.
sounds very fustrating! :headbang:
Where you not able to pick your own body shop? if someone isn't doing the job, your allowed to take your property back and take it somewhere else.
i once had a car in a shop for over thirty days. this was a dealer shop to boot.

body shops are slow
bummer man, i'd be pissed off and i'd be switching insurance companies VERY soon AND finding a better body shop. that's crappy customer service all the way around.
a what??

wtf... am I retarded? What's a sonic pole? :confused:
wtf... am I retarded? What's a sonic pole? :confused:
one of these things
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Go get your truck. Tomorow. I had a problem like that with my bike. I broke a stud/flange on my head. No biggie, or at least shouldn't be (i would've pulled the stud out myself if it hadn't been 10 degrees outside). Quoted 400 bucks. Pull the head, machine shop blah blah.

6 weeks and $1K later they had it done. The wannabe shithead on the phone punk 20 yr old caught an attitude with me after I called 3 times a day for a week. So I went and bitched the owner up and down. Still took another week. And guess what? THE FUCKING STUD IS STILL STRIPPED AND THE FLANGE IS STILL BROKE. This is a Honda motorcycle dealer I'm speaking of.

Lesson learned. You're uncomfortable with the way things are going? Go get your shit back. Bottom line.
That's pretty interesting to know because my fiance has Safeco and I told him I wasn't too sure about their customer service quality. I've recently been dealing with the battle of insurance and body shop. I got lucky though and took a chance on a new shop locally and right by where I work. I'll start by saying I have State Farm and I know why I've kept them for so long now besides that the prices are top notch for what I have. Everything went pretty smoothly,I called a rep the day I wrecked and they setup a wrecker to go get it at the tow shop to take it to the body shop. Within maybe 2-3 hrs they had it picked up and at the shop. They had most of the parts there within 2 days. Most of the drivers side of the truck had to be replaced and I was pretty worried about how the cab corner that had to be cutout would look when they were done. Took about 2 weeks to finish and turned out great. I'm guessing one difference is though and sometimes what it comes down to is how hungry they are for work and customer oriented they are. I was very happy with the body shop and State Farm on how they handled things with my wreck.
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so just a heads up to everybody driving a taco.... DO NOT HIT A SONIC POLE
DUH!!! :headbang:
Had a little problem with the wife's car, took it to a local GEICO recommended shop and they were done within half a week. Pull your truck and take it to a reputable shop.

so i'm still a little pissed and hot-headed. but not AS bad. turns out the guy had some family problems to deal with this weekend (so ehh whatever) and called me this morning saying i'll have it tomorrow - no questions asked. but anywho, i made a visit to check progress about 30 minutes ago and sure enough, he's just about finished (and is painting/clearcoating as i am typing this):

-one thing that took him a while was the replacement fender, a.k.a. no fender flare holes... so he cut out my old fender and made a template and cut out the new holes. he's gotta spray another coat of paint on it, and then clear it.
-hood: did the paint matching (had a small ding right in the damn corner that took off the paint so it had to be done) and clear-coat matching and let me tell you. with the screwy way the orange peel on our trucks is, he did a good job matching that up. he asked me if i wanted it completely smooth, but i'd really rather not have one part of my truck completely perfect and have the rest stock orange peel (dumb, i know.... but oh well)
-headlight: perfect alignment
-grille: i'm most happy about the grille of all things. the replacement grille was the straight black, unpainted OEM grille... well, he thought i would like a little change from the charcoal-ish brown-ish whatever the heck color the thing was... so now it's ALMOST this color:

^^^imagine that with a clearcoat and maybe a little lighter and thats what you'll get.
-perfect gaps for fender/hood/headlight/insert piece that goes under headlight

all-in-all... im not too pleased with this experience. i learned my lesson (which has, as of tomorrow, turned out to be a 1 month, 2 week ordeal over something that should have taken 3 days to fix, or less). in fact, i learned my lesson 3 or 4 weeks ago... and that's just kickin a man when he's down. i'm not gonna go with this bodyshop again, i've already switched policies (now proud state farm policy holder with a only a $500.00 deductible, mind you) and i've become over-anal about backing out of sonic drive-in's... and yes i still go to them

pic's to come tomorrow

p.s. *sigh* too bad its going back in the dealership this week or next for the rear TSB AND the muffler shop for a cheaply made, flaking, rusted powdercoated left exhaust tip (but thats another story :))
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Who the f$%& is safeco? Are they one of those insurance companies who run their commercials from 2am-5am on your public access channels and you happen to catch them in a drunnkin stupor ?
ha... i don't know... but the insurance agency i went through for safeco was kevin woods ins. agency so don't go with them if you're in the louisiana area
I think it would be safe to say go ahead and hit a sonic pole as long as you have a very rep. insurance company to back you up. Not a insurance company that the front office is their office and line 2 is the body shop in the back parking lot :clap:
I think it would be safe to say go ahead and hit a sonic pole as long as you have a very rep. insurance company to back you up. Not a insurance company that the front office is their office and line 2 is the body shop in the back parking lot :clap:
heh they're not affiliated but it sure feels like it :lol:
I feel your pain 08impulseredtacoma! I had an accident on feb 10 and just got my truck back yesterday but the original day was supposed to be like 2 weeks ago and then i go to pick it up and it was covered in 2 inches of dust. It was so bad i could see it from the road it looked like grease but it was all the dust and then i get inside it and there was lithium grease on my door panel and my steering wheel. Needless to say it was never detailed so they are taking it back tomorrow to get cleaned up. The guys that work their didn't know that i know the owner personally.. By the way i have state farm and it took them 11 days to get their so there not much better than your old company.
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