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Sooner or later I was going to break down and get a G35. so here's my OTHER car... I got it in Aug. 06. It's an 03.5 G35 Auto. with 32,680 miles... (I'm now at 36k)

Stock at Palomar Mtn Rd...

At Lake Henshaw...

The 4x4 look...

A nice ass shot...

And last weekend, installed the 350Z Full suspension, and put on the RAYS 350Z Track wheels and new tires... 235/40/18 F, and 245/45/18 R.

(The front tires should be 225/45/18 but they didn't have any in stock that day. )

I finally have it the way I want it to look... now time to make it faster haha...

Mods so far:

Painted the rocker panels and rear view mirror
350Z Rays Track wheels 18x8 F and 18x8.5 R. (~18lbs each.)
350Z full suspension
JDM clear corners
JDM Driver side battery cover
Stillen CAI, Z-tube
Motordyne 1/2" spacer.

Next mod:
Hawk HPS pads
xd/sl Stillen rotors
Stillen Sway bars
Fast Intention Exhaust

Oh before you think I love nissans or something... I still like to drive the Cressida in the curves than this. SO I still drive the Cressida more often.. haha... I :heart: my CRESSIDA!

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Pssh a G35. So what. LoL, nice man. I've always wanted a G35 Sedan. Not anymore though. Still nice.

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looking very nice, mad props :thumbsup:

so was the suspension a direct swap or was custom work had to be done?

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Car looks good bro! Question, how much did those Rays track edition 350z rims cost you? And where did you order them?

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Thanks for the compliments...

The 350Z suspension is a direct bolt on. it lowers the sedan about 1". and has stiffer shocks.

The Ray Track edition wheels, I picked up from a 350Z guy on their forum for $640 w/ bald tires and one pretty scuffed up wheel. I've seen good tire/wheel setups go for over $1k. so it just depends on the condition of the wheels/tires.

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It looks really good. The wheels and suspension really made a nice difference.

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TRD-MX83 said:
Oh before you think I love nissans or something... I still like to drive the Cressida in the curves than this. SO I still drive the Cressida more often.. haha... I :heart: my CRESSIDA!

I was just about to maim you :lol:

So you rid yourself of the Corolla?

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repinS said:

I was just about to maim you :lol:

So you rid yourself of the Corolla?
haha... Repins you know I love my Cressida.. :lol:

No, just sold the 83 Tercel.

So now its:

04 Corolla S, Parents
90 Cressida, MINE, parents drive it sometimes.
03 G35 MINE.. haha..

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Well I guess I'll add it here...

The Tercel is gone... sniff... :argh:
Don't read the whole thing... but if you have time.. some tidbits that I remember of this wonderful car...

178,827 miles. 23 yrs and 8 months of loyal service...

I believe we paid close to $9k for it back in 1983. It has a 1.3L 4-cylinder Carberator with 63 HP.

Our first car in the US... Went cross country with it... Ran it with 1 qt of oil for most of the first 2-3 yrs. (we did not know how to take care of a car then.)
It took us everywhere, since we only had 1 car until 1990 when we got the Cressida, and even after we got the Cressida, we still drove the Tercel mostly, and the Cressida only on the weekends.
Countless trips to Vegas + Laughlin, 2 trips to San Francisco, 4-5 trips to San Diego with 1 time running the car completely empty, another great moment of my dad not paying attention to the Fuel Light.

We never waxed it, washed it often though.
Moved so much of our junk around, as we have moved 5 times in last 23 yrs. not counting my 4 moves around at UCLA.
Our family have slept in the car over night once out in Barstow. (the one time that it stranded us, and yet it was a preventive maintenance issue.)
Only been towed once, that time at Barstow. (while we were coming back from Vegas)
Stolen in 1995 July 4th weekend. We were going to drive the car to Vegas, and it was gone. =( Recovered it with front and rear end damage about 4 months later.

Mechanically sound:
Still on the original spark plug wires, distributor. (only 1 rotor change)
Changed the Starter, Alternator only once.
Original CV boots
Engine still starts on the first try, as long as you gave the Carbs enough gas.
Engine still running just fine... little bit of oil leak. (Still able to pull top speed on the freeway... Top Speed of 85mph)
3 speed automatic, never gave us any problems... worked like a charm.
Only 1 headlight died... even after 23yrs.
4 sets of tires...
6 batteries...
Replaced 1 CAT and 2 mufflers

Cabin Fan died...
A/C died...
Cassette player died... (I broke it when I was young... to this day it hurts to know that I broke it.)
Drivers side window rolls down only about 2"...

I was too sad to watch the new owner drive it away... :argh:
I will miss it...

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Wait thats the AWD model? Oh man I love G35s even though everyones has them.

Gotta love Tercels reliable even if you beat on them.
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