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been a LONG time since ive signed on here. The camry has just been on the back burner since we ordered (and got about 3 weeks ago) a 2011 mustang V6 6 speed

the camry WILL be modded fully by the end of next summer

the list of mods completed first
ES300 rear brake swap
Tokico Shocks & H&R springs (FYI D2 coilovers which are actually in MINT condition will be sold soon. once i clean em up.)
Audio system (will be makin a custom fiber glass box for the sub where the spare goes)
front V6 brake swap (until i get these 18s on, have the 13" rotors sitting here)
led light conversions (interior only)
led under dash 1Watt lights (white)
New Metallic Blue Valve cover (old one will be cleaned up and sold as well)

the mods up and comming:
Whiteline sway bars
18" kazera's (17" rims will be sold here)
13" Supra TT front (have all the parts, just dont fit under 17s!)
Custom Cat-back (magnaflow exhaust and vibrant resonator)
Magnaflow cat
Gen 4.5 front end conversion (almost done with my slow a** retro)
Gen 4.5 anzo headlights with TSX projectors
Scat Racing seats (black fabric)
Re-upholster interior (to black/grey) :headbang: (dont ask)

originally i was going for more of a performance car, but now its all about luxury (and amazing stopping power lol).
this car will be my toy (after turbo'in my R18a1, 300 WHP woot!) until i save up for the Smyth G3F TDI (WOOT!)

AND, for my first question.
we have
KZ-B with a +35 offset.

I havent tested fitting with the Tokico's yet, but they fit snugly with the D2 coilovers.
my question is, whos running this offset, and is anyone using a 45 profile tire on an 18 with stock (or aftermarket) suspension
aka 2xx/45/r18
i want to know your 2xx number! i think i can get 235, but not sure!

btw, with the d2 these were HELLA FLUSH!
however now we are MUCH higher in the air, sooooooooooo it may just look funny. i dunno yet!
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