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SOS... need everyones help...

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Well my motor blew up.... so im sad.... I desided to rebuild the motor with new pistons and rods but im not 100% sure if i need to replace the rods or not because i remeber 1 year of the 5sfe block was forged but im not sure which one.... I have a 2000 solara block in my car now... basically the motor blew up because way to much boost... but i beat a hooked up 73 stingray so im pretty happy... anyways lets say i have 5k to use to build a block to support up to 15psi reliably what do you guys think i should get for parts.... or is there a premade block somewhere to save me the time.... thanks in advance...
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also will the v6 transmisson bolt up to the i4 motor???
from what i hear yes to the tranny dont trust me on this but i think you will need to redo the mounts. well you also have to check to see how much damge is done to your engine now. if it's just the rods crank and pistions sure use back that block if the block was damaged then your in for a lot of work.
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