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sound system

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Hey i need some ideas of good set ups for a sound system and was hopin that you all could post some pics of the sound systems in the 2nd gen MR2, or give me some ideas. Thanks
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i did a nice system in my Gen 2 i put 2-10" subs, 2-4" mid, 2-6" mid, and 4-tweets with 3 1000 watt amps and a 2 farad cap i made alot of custom fiberglass parts to do it but sounds great, i made a custom amp bay under the frount hood with the cap, i put a 10" behind each seat with the 4" mid's in the side rear where thos small like 2" factory's were i put new 6" in each door with the tweets in the door and in the rear then head units you have you choice i am also adding a video system so im going to use a clarion dvd head unit and two visor monitors. if you have an questions just email me
wow sounds like an awesome system thanks man
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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