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sounds like car bogs/stumbles under 1500rpm when I hit the accelerator. why?

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I gave my camry a tune up because when I hit the accelerator the car makes a low muffled bog/stutter-like sound at first(under 1500rpm) and then the revs pick up normally(1500rpm- up). The tune up did not fix this issue. I also changed the fuel filter. What would cause this? Could it be a bad cat. convertor? When you "mash" the accelarator, the rpms should take off without any hesitation.

the car is a 93camry l2 2.2 with 90000 miles. Runs like a champ.
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Check for exhaust leaks. Might want to try cleaning your injectors also. My 5sfe acted similar with an exhaust leak.
check, also, your throttle position sensor. one of its main functions is to detect sudden changes in throttle, much like an accellerator pump on a carb.

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