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Southside AE92

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Hello, My names Mikey, I'm from Texas, I got a 1988 AE92 GTS, custom paint job with some minor external mods. As soon as it comes time for an engine rebuild, I'm going to modify the engine. Anyone who has a JDM Trueno front for sale let me know...
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not bad... forget about modding the motor first.. get rid of the SUV clearance dude! :lol:

As for Trueno fronts.. you and everyone of us are looking for them.. good luck. :p:

You should start posting in the Corolla forums. :)

Yea I get that alot:eek:: ..about the height... I use to have TRD springs. I just think it's more comfortable to drive like this
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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