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Spare Tire Stolen

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I recently discovered my spare tire had been stolen from underneath my 1995 T100. The crook cut the wire which allows it to drop down plus he took the metal pieces which lock the spare in place on the tire holder. In other words he took all except the metal holder itself which is welded to the frame. I've heard that you can use heavy duty aircraft cable to attach ornaments to the hood so I'm thinking I can try the same thing here and use a heavy duty lock. I'm sure the crook had heavy duty cutters so I'll spend extra money to prevent the same thing from happening. I'm curious whether Toyota is using the same spare tire mechanism in their new pickups. Any suggestions?
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The quote for a new spare tire carrier for my 1995 T100 was $98.00 + tax. I went to the salvage yard a couple of times and found one. The front desk guy initially said it would be $20.00 to purchase it. I looked down for a while to consider it. He then said well, maybe $15.00. HA!! I didn't realize it was up for negotiation. So I went out in the salvage yard and took off the 4 bolts/nuts and got the spare tire carrier. I decided not to clean it up. When I got back he looked at it and said the price would be $10.00. Yes!! And the wind down mechanism works fine. I also found an almost new wheel at Discount Tire, which is nationwide. The original wheel was $135.00. They charged me $35.00 for it. So,including tax, I saved over $200.00 buying used versus new. It pays to shop around.
Ha! When I go to the Junk Yard I want tinkybug to come with me. He's Good!
I would settle for having a junkyard that had a T100 in it within 300 miles of my house.
Yes they will steal anything. Some one had his transmission stolen out from under his car when at night school.
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