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spare tire wheel?

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I had on 01 dubcab prerunner and the spare was the same as the rest of the wheels (kind of a 5 star starfish look). I now have on 04 4x4 dubcab and the spare is a black steel one. Can anyone tell me if their spare is the same as teh rest of the wheels? Thanks
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I know on my 03' Prerunner the spare on a black steel rim but its the same size as the rest of the tires.
Have you lowered it down and compared the spare size to the other tires?
'04 dubcab. Replaced spare steely with alloy. They are the same.
If anyone lives in Alaska or is making a trip up here and wants to trade there black steel spare tire for stock alloy wheel I would gladly do so. I'm trying to find 4 people to trade with me so I can have all black steel wheels (the same as the spare). Probably a long shot though.
Yup. Probably a long shot. Alaska's not on MY list of errands. Not a bad idea though. I got more for my steely spare than I paid for a new starfish alloy on ebay. It (black) went all the way to New York from CA via UPS and came all the way back again because the buyer gave me an outdated address. Then he paid me to ship it again to the new address. He paid a lot for that wheel. Must be a popular switch.
Yea, I think it would be a cool swap. Plus I could just change over my tires without having to buy new ones and get a little aftermarket look with the wheels. If your reading this, don't get any ideas...Just swap wheels with me!
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