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Spark PLugs, filter, oil, etc.

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Hey guys whats up
I wanted to know what you recommend for a 1990 4dr Sedan Corolla Dx AE92

Spark PLugs? Make and model.
Air and Oil Filter?
What type of motor oil?
Also do those spark plug cables make a diffrence? If so which do you recommend?
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Spark-Plugs: just standard NGK's are good. No need for Platinum (irridum) plugs.
Air/Oil filter: I use Ryco filters, not sure if you can get them over there tho, coz they aussie made.
Oil: I would reccomend a semi-synthetic for an engine that old, possibly Penrite Pedigree 10w-30, if you got any sort of problem with valve stem seal leaks.
Spark plug cables dont make too much of a difference, the larger ones do give you a little less resistance, but other than that, there is really no point getting bigger ones.
For spark plugs NGK's are good, Toyota recommends DENSO as OEM.
For wires oil and oil filters use Toyota's and nothing else. (I learned that lesson the hard way... damn Mr Lube crappy filters!
:disappoin )
Air filter, any will do but if you want better, you can try to get a K&N drop-in filter.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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