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Spark Plugs

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OEM denso, change them every 30k miles and use antiseize lube on the threads

I'm not a fan of long life plugs in aluminum heads, I have friends with ford trucks and 2 different guys I know have plugs siezed in their cylinder heads because of the use of a long life plug and aluminum heads. Dissimilar metals plus just the sheer ammount of time the plugs end up in the heads will increase the likelyhood of a plug becomming seized in.
+1 for OEM Denso.

I'll save you the time of a future post as well and inform you beforehand that it IS normal to have a mix of NGK's and Denso's from the factory.

I had a long life plug seize in an aluminum cylinder head before resulting in fragments entering the engine and chipping an exhaust valve upon start up. Never again...:headbang:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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