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how much do these plugs cost? and can i order them from autozone>?

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91RED3S, the plugs are cheap less than $1.75/each.
I would recommend chanign them every 3000 miles or so.

93turbomr2, there is no way a plug had a 1/4 inch gap ... the tab would be proken off!

arcasmachineracing, were you expecting 40 HP from plugs?
Changing plugs every oil change? .... I hope you can find the courage to go on!

I've changed out my NGK copper plugs in Hyde at least 4 times this year and I only put on 4000 miles TOTAL.
Why do I change them so often? ... because I race at the limit, because I like to know I have good fresh plugs in there and at 23.5 psi of boost on a 199,000 mile engine I like knowing that :)

What's the big deal? $7 worth of plugs and 15 minutes to swap them out.

If you have a mildly modded car and your more interested in longevity (of the plug) than optimal performance, there is no harm in using the platinum plugs (just avoid the Bosch platinums).
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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