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speaker question

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what size speakers are in the 92 corolla? and does anyone know how to remove and replace the speakers?
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are there any instructions on removing them?
i dont know the exact process on the corollas...but im guessin there is a general idea/concept to take off doors and rear speakers....u might wanna check out rayray's site..even tho its a camry...u can sorta get the idea of what to do and go from there.

but i dont know the exact process, sorry

but if u happen to take this route, then maybe u can write a diyd for the corollas ahha
I installed speakers in my old 96 corolla about two years ago maybe. I have since "traded" up to my moms 96 camry le v6 (a much nicer car all around, except i miss my ebrake :p ), that I recently (yesterday) put new rear speakers into. Rayray's site was a tremendous help for the Camry, but I definately remember the Corollas werent as tricky to install.

You definately dont need to remove the back seat (I never did). But really, it was so long ago I can't even remember. The rear console might just pop off.

The fronts are easy, just pop the door panel and install the new ones. The lock is kinda tricky iirc correctly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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