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speaker replacement reccomendations

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can anyone reccomend some good 6"x9" and 6.5" speakers that will easily replace my stock 97' camry ones. im not getting an amp for the speakers, but im just hoping there are some good cheap ones that will sound better than stock w/out an amp. any suggestion?
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some good cheap ones would be pioneer or kenwood speakers. i dont know exact model numbers though. when you want to upgrade to quality speakers i would recommend boston acoustic or mbquartz
or infinity for good not so cheap ones
i was thinking about the same idea....
is it better to upgrade the speakers first or the headunit first?
i own a 94' Camry, with OEM tweeter installed.
its better to get a head unit first, that way if you need motivation for getting new speakers you can turn up your new headunit til the stock 8watt speakers blow. the way i did it was subs & amp, head unit, 6x9's, front components. its better to get a headunit first though so you dont have to buy an adapter for the sub output for when you get subs and amp(s) not to mention the the enhanced clarity you will get from whatever speakers you are running inside the car. i ran the stock components in my gen4 for a while before i upgraded to boston acoustics. the stock sound is ok but when you compare it to any quality aftermarket brand you'll realize what you were missing. copy and paste the link in my sig to see my sound.
(also, how do i turn that address into a link on the sig itself?)
I can vouch for the HU upgrade first. Back when I had my Lesabre, I bought a Pioneer CD player (4 years old and still kickin'). I was truly suprised by the difference in sound quality from the stock speakers (4x6 plates in the front and 6x9 in the back window). IMO, GM's AC Delco makes good stereo equipment. My past and present systems are in my sig, if it helps any.

battlekat49: if you put the link in the tags "" and "" (no quotes): instead of typing it out, it works.
The Wolf said:

battlekat49: if you put the link in the tags "" and "" (no quotes): instead of typing it out, it works.
thanks wolf. now that it works, click it and see the new hu i installed today.
I also recommend changing the head unit first. The factory speakers are actually decent when given more-than-stock power. You may be satisfied with the sound and not want to drop another 200+ bucks on aftermarket speakers.
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