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speaker size question

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ok, i have a '93 camry wagon using the 8-speaker setup and wondered exactly what size everything was. i've heard the fronts were 6 and 6-1/2. i know the backs are 6x9 but what about the ones behind the last window that are real small? anyone know?
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Focus on the fronts only, anything behind that is not a big deal, I would just replace the fronts with a real nice set ,and the 6x9 with some basic 2 ways
i was told the fronts are 6.5"

if the back ones are really small circles...they are probably 1" small

but mine are on the door handles....idk why yours would be in the back.

for other sizes, you might wanna just check ebay...they show all the different sizes.(not saying you should buy from there)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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