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I just added an Alpine 9813 deck and wanted to upgrade the factory NON-JBL speakers. From what I understand, the front doors and rear deck take 6x9 speakers and the dash use tweeters (not sure what size).

Does anyone know if I can just replace the door 6x9's with a set of Kaption 6x9 ( or do I need to get components like the HD 6.5 (

The place that I am getting the stuff installed (Auto Sound Design in Unionville) told me that the door speakers do not have tweeters and if I just replace the 6x9 with a integrated tweeter, it will sound too bright. He also said that if I disable the dash tweeters, it will change the sound stage and not sound good.

With Installation, sound proofing and the components, he wants $550 inc taxes.

Is this a good deal and are these speakers good?

I listen to a variety of music and want the speakers to give me good mid range and bass and clarity and I don't want to lose the bass levels.

Any thoughts? :confused:
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