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Speed Sensor Problems

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Good morning everyone,

Had check engine light, on my 1994 Toyota Camry 1MZ. Codes 500, and 720. Autozone said speed sensor, so I replaced it (after ordering the wrong part several times, has a 95 transmission). The same problem still persists, threw check engine light again(had battery disconnected while replacing sensor) and blinks the O/D, shift problems, sticking in 2nd, first. I assume the same codes but it has not been confirmed. If it is the same codes indicating speed sensor, what else could be the problem, and how should I go about diagnosing it? I should mention that at one point the check engine light was still on, but the O/D light stopped blinking and it shifted perfectly the day before I got the right sensor. I drove it after I installed the new sensor, worked fine but I wanted to "test it." and floored it for a bit(me likey the V6) and it threw the CEL and O/D blinking when I stopped to turn at the stopsign before my house.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I should also mention that I have seen no issues at all with the speedometer, which I thought usually come with vehicle speed sensor problems.
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I hate replying to my own posts. But here's what I found.

Followed the factory manual's troubleshooting procedure. Appears to be the ECM. The check for 5v between E1 and SP1 failed, and SP1 is not grounded.

Anybody know where to get an ECM cheap? Wonder if beating it would help the problem... heh.

Ebay or

Also keep an eye on the forums here in the For Sale section for car partouts.
Did the ECU solve your tranny problem? I am having the same problem and just ordered the Output Speed Sensor located on the tranny driver front left side.
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