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It's a bunch of Bullshit.

The guy says it is vehicle specific, but that it will work on a 4cyl from a celica, and an Inline-six from a supra? That's not vehicle specific.

And he claims that it is the only one of it's kind. Sorry, but he isn't the first person to pull this scam.

"Will not void most any warranty" Any modification you do to your car voids warrenty. So he is lying there too. An ECU mods will for sure void it.

"This unit will work with all cars equipped with electronic fuel injection" But remember, is vehicle specific. Or is it?

Notice how it says, "All Sales Are Final" in big read letters? That's so you can't return it when it messes up your car.

Nothing gives you hp just like that. It's just another money scam.
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:lol: it´s no true...:disappoin
Last time I check, 20k ohm resistors are 10 for 10 cent.
If you believe a resistor could replace a piggy back computer like he say in, please sent me your computer you're using now. I'll trade you with resistor of your chioce ;) I believe you'll have the fastest intenet connection with them :D

I believe you'll have the fastest intenet connection with them :D
all it's only a resistor you put on your iat to make the car see a cooler temp to adjust the timing accordingly. do a search on potentiometer and you'll see the mod i suggested on using it to adjust it to the optimal "temp"(resistance) to help make the car react consistantly.
straight up trash yo i wouldnt do it and niether would any1 herrrre, yo dont waste yo time or money
yeah I thought it was BS...thats the first time i saw a "speed chip" advertised so I was like wtf.
dont worry you not the only one i almost fell for that shiet too =D but i wasn't looking @ the resister one, the one i looked at had a nicer packaging =D ahaha lucky i didn't have time to buy it or else it would of jsut been a waste :D
princemb - what kit is that in your sig? thats absolutely beautiful.

Considering the advertisement says it wont work with a turbo, he decided to posts a pic of a tubo supra. I guess he didnt watch fast and the furious, considering he posted the feature car in it. What some people will do for a buck.
yeah its a gimmick to get people to belive they can get more
horsepower cheap if u want more horsepower cheapest way
is to get rid of stock airbox and get headers with a cat back
worked for my 89 celica gts got at least 10 more horses with this
I also purchased on ebay another afm , then I clocked the one
I had in my car and drove it like that for a while not sure if it helped but it did run rich, hench the black soot on the tail pipes. So I went back to original spec afm.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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