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2006 Tundra sr5
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I recently purchased a 2006 Tundra SR5 DoubleCab. The truck was originally sold with a "Texas Edition" package developed and installed by our Gulf Coast Toyota distributor. The package included 20" wheels and tires.
The previous owner experienced so many problems with these tires that they were ultimately replaced with 17" Toyota OE wheels with 265/70 17 tires
According to the tire info card inside the driver's door, and the unused spare, the original wheel/tire combo was 245/70 16. According to Toyota literature, the facory offered alternative was a 265/65 17. As far as "Revs per mile" goes, a 265/60 17 would corrolate most closely with the standard 245/70/16s.
I like the way the 265/70 17s look, but most importantly want my speedo to be accurate.
My question is, am I worrying too much about nothing, does the car's system have provisions to make the adjustments automatically, and or what would be the optimum best tire size to run while keeping the currently installed 17" wheels???????
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