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speedometer bulbs and indiglo gauges

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I'm awaiting delivery of some indiglo gauges for my '94 Camry. Once they are installed, will you see any light from the bulbs behind the gauge? or when i install the indiglo, will it make no difference whether or not those bulbs are still back there?
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you have to dim the interior lights to not see them. i leave them on and set it on birght green.
cool - what I may do is take out the bulbs in the back when I put my indiglo's in...because I don't want those green condom bulbs to give any green color to my white and blue indiglos, but I don't want to have to dim all the other interior lights - doesnt that dimmer knob also affect the clock and other bulbs behind the center dash
take off the condom and the lights will be fine trust me i did it :thumbup:
well, to make a long story short - one of those copper pieces that runs to a few of the bulbs is missing - therefore two bulbs dont work. So i was wondering if i would need to replace them, or if they would not be visible after installing indiglo gauges
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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