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Speedometer cable for an AE82

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Hi everyone! I'm working on restoring a 1985 AE82 FF 4-door and the car for some reason came with the speedometer cable housing but not the cable itself. I've tried an aftermarket one from eBay and a "universal" speedometer cable kit to no avail (had issues with the cable housing twisting up for some reason). I've been looking at Rock Auto and but I haven't been able to find anything that's a sure match. Anybody know how I can get my hands on one? I noticed Rock Auto has aftermarket options for the 1985 Celica (link) and for the Corolla starting in 1988, but I don't know whether either would be compatible. Any tips?
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Contact a Speedo Shop and have one made.
Thanks sdspeed, I didn't know such a business existed. I'm waiting to hear back from the one you linked to, but in the meantime do you know what information they'll need to design the cable? I'm not even sure yet what transmission I have in the car.
Check your drivers door jam the trans model should be on it.
It should have a T50, 5 speed.
They may have a catalog of specs if not just make a list and answer what ya can, I'm sure they run into these issues allthe time.
Did you mean S50? I found the VIN plate on the door jamb but I couldn't see a transmission model. The Toyota repair manual mentions C51 and S50 for this car.
I'm seeing a T50 for an 85' unless it has a diesel then it'd have an S50

  • First Gear: 3.587:1
  • Second Gear: 2.022:1
  • Third Gear: 1.384:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.00:1
  • Fifth Gear: 0.861:1


  • 1982-1983 Carina with AA60 - 3A. /1S/3T-E/2T engine
  • 1982 Corona with 1S engine
  • 1983 Celica with 3T-E/2T-E engine
  • 1984 Corolla with 2A engine
  • 1980-1982 Corolla with 3TC engine
  • 1983-1987 Corolla with 4AC/ 4AGEU/ 3AU/ 4AU engine
  • 1975-1979 Corolla with 2TC engine (shorter shifter on tail shaft in this version)
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Well I found the transmission model on the info plate in the engine bay near the cowl. It would seem the C51 is used with gasoline engines too! Anyway, thanks for the tip about the info plate.

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