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Speedometer Help!!!

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I got an 87 toyota supra turbo, and after I've fixed my clutch line something went wrong and my speedometer went dead, so now I don't know how fast I am going. Please Help!!! I tried searching the wire but so far everything is in place.

Thank you,
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take it out and go get one at the junkyard to replace it or check for any blown fuses...but best is to replace it with same part
It's a mechanical speedo, there are no fuses to blow.

Most likely, when you were doing the clutch you broke the cable. I think in the '87s it was a three piece cable. It's VERY common for them to break. You'll need to replace at least the section that's broken.

I agree with Jeeves, it is most likely your speedo cable. I broke mine before and it is a bitch to replace.
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