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speedometer twitching

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1994 toyota pick up 4x4 5spd 2.4l
Every time I use the blinker on my truck, on the first blink my speedometer will go to 0 and then back to where it was. the blinkers operate normally and it only happens on the first blink. I have torn apart the gauge cluster and all the connections look tight and clean. Does anyone have have an idea of what to check?
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That's an odd one.
Is it an electronic speedo or cable driven?
could it be possible there is a bad ground in the cluster? if im not mistaken the blinker shorts the battery right?
1994 should be electrical like my 93. It is a ground somewhere, still haven't found out where so I can fix mine but it is a common problem. My speedometer reads high but sometimes when I hit the blinker it drops to normal or 0. It appears that the blinker and speedometer share the same ground by looking at the electrical diagram. :headbang:
i was thinking it might be a shared ground, but as i don't have a wiring diagram, i couldn't locate it. It's really not a problem, i am use to it happening. I just thought i would see if anyone had the same problem and was able to fix it. Thank you for your help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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